Our Weird Story

At Pizza Cat, we’ve learned a long time ago that it’s OK to be weird. Weird is subjective, and it usually applies only to things we’ve not been exposed to before. Weird is personal. Our weird may not be your weird, but it helps to know that – some way, somehow – we’re all a little bit weird. And that’s good! Here’s the key: NO JUDGMENT. It’s OK to be weird. Embrace your weirdness. Weird things are only weird at first. Pineapple on pizza? What about pickles? Just another topping now. No one is raising an eyebrow.

Pizza Cat was created to embrace unique, wacky, fun, colorful, local, and of course his totally weird qualities. In 2017 our founder said, why wait for someone else to embrace a wonderfully wacky diverse pizza menu? Why not take the leap and embrace it myself? That’s exactly what we did. Because weird is an asset. Your ‘weird’ is my local. My weird is your Limited Time Offer. Our collective weird can now be enjoyed by all. With Pizza Cat, you get full freedom of choice in your weird taste and the confidence to order it any time.

Together you can help us Keep Pizza Weird™.

What’s your weird?